What's New On ELLIPAL Version 2.1? - Big Update!

Get Ready For Our Best Update Yet!

We listened and improved, here are what's new in the ELLIPAL version 2.1 Update.


1) Added support for ADA.

The ELLIPAL team has been working on support for ADA for a while now and today we are proud to announce support for ADA's storage, transaction, and exchange on our wallet!

ELLIPAL Cardano ADA hardware wallet


2) Added BTC Segwit

Bitcoin Segwit address is now available on ELLIPAL for anyone looking to use it. It is designed to solve Bitcoin's scalability problem and bring better security, shorter confirmation time and lower fees. You can learn more about Segwit address and why it's important here.

Bitcoin Segwit ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet


3) Added Pass Phrase

Add security to your mnemonic seed phrase by adding a passphrase. By adding a 13th extra word to your 12 words mnemonics it creates a 2-factor authentication for your mnemonics. Much like a password to your recovery phrase. Obviously, losing or forgetting the passphrase also equals to losing your whole account so it's better to be something you don't simply forget. Learn more about seed phrases and extra phrases here.

ELLIPAL passphrase security cold wallet hardware wallet


4) New "Finance" tab - New UI dedicated to exchanges and more

Having an in-wallet exchange as well as Binance DEX is one of ELLIPAL's best features. Users can easily and securely exchange coins within the wallet without having to transfer it elsewhere. Now, with a better designed UI, users will find it even more pleasing and easy to trade.

ELLIPAL exchange Binance DEX hardware wallet cold walletELLIPAL exchange Binance DEX hardware wallet cold walletELLIPAL exchange Binance DEX hardware wallet cold wallet


5) Set exactly how much you want to be paid with

Users can now set the exact amount to receive their coins. This is a good addition useful to merchants and those who gets paid in cryptocurrency often.

Hardware wallet ellipal cold wallet receive QR code


6) Added sequence numbers to mnemonics

This may not a new feature or a big upgrade but it is something that has surprisingly been requested by many people so we added it! To prevent confusion when backing up and recovering mnemonics, we have added numbers to them.

 ELLIPAL mnemonics hardware wallet cold wallet


With that said, update your ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet and APP to the latest version now!


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