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ELLIPAL Metal Mnemonics - Take Your Security beyond Idea

In this volatile cryptocurrency world, having only a hardware wallet can give you the efficiency in keeping your private keys and coins safe for the transaction. As far as ELLIPAL Titan is concerned, you are getting a metal-sealed anti-disassembly wallet that is hard to break but when the crypto technology is advancing rapidly, the risk of potential hackers and thieves is increasing rapidly too. No matter how hard it is to breach the security of your wallet when it is lost or in case some thief manages to ruin the circuits, all your crypto data along with private keys are lost. Worry no more because the ELLIPAL Metal Mnemonics will make sure you have the backup of your private keys so that when you get a new wallet, you can retrieve the old crypto account by accessing the private keys through the mnemonics.

Know About the ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal

The package of the Mnemonic Metal consists of the device, user manual to help you get started with and the letter board to create your seed phrase. For the seed phrases of 24 words, it saves the first four letters of each word. There is no need for additional 3rd party equipment –all you need to do is to slide the characters or letters within the slot.
      • Indestructible Backup

      • Your Mnemonic backup refers to the readable private keys of your cryptocurrency wallet, the possession of which means you have total control of your cryptocurrency. Crypto coin users often jot down their private keys on paper, on a word file of computer or online as backup and often end up losing that paper, corrupting that computer or getting the data hacked. On the Mnemonic metal, your data remains backed up permanently for ages to come and at the same time, backing them up is convenient and easy.
      • Fireproofing, Weather Resistance And Insect Resistance

      • Just as the ELLIPAL cold wallet comes with its first-in-the-world technology of air-gapped and anti-tampering hardware, the Mnemonic Metal too is made of sturdy metal that is fireproof, waterproof, mold proof and insect-proof. Hacking or inserting malware into the wallet is literally impossible as its construction from one piece of metal makes it sealed completely and hence, without destroying the circuits, opening it is impossible. Even after this, if someone gets hold of the wallet and destroy its circuits, the Mnemonics metal will be your one-stop solution.
      • Compatibility And Support For Coins On Wallet

      • One of the reasons for the wide acceptance of the Mnemonics metal is its compatibility with the use of all the BIP39 (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal: 39) phrases, Trezor, Nano, Ledger, KeepKey and Temexe to name a few. As the hardware wallet supports all types of coins from the 30+ Blockchains, the Mnemonics too offer support to these coins. Through BIP39, the Mnemonic Metal implements the mnemonic sentence where after the generation of mnemonics, it is converted into a binary seed. As the seed phrase contains only twelve random words, the 2048 words on wordlist of the English language according to the BIP39 standard would contain as many as 2132 combinations while the phrase would contain 132 security bits.

To make crypto security tighter, ELLIPAL has limited its ability to retrieve the private keys when the Mnemonic Metal is lost. If you mistakenly send your coins to a wrong address or lose your mnemonics, there is no chance of getting the coins or canceling the transaction and at the same time, without your mnemonics, you end up losing your account.

In case your wallet circuits are damaged or the cold wallet is lost, Mnemonics metal is the only place where your private keys in form of word phrases are stored. The phrases are case-sensitive and hence, make sure you have a record of the correct phrases and the wallet path is correct.

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