What is the Air-gapped Cold Wallet?

    Air-gapped cold wallet is always 100% isolated from the internet. It is fully protected from unauthorized access, cyber hacks, malware, and any online threats.

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    Find Your Ultimate ELLIPAL Products

    • ELLIPAL Titan Mini Cold Wallet

      Ultimate cool
      Easy to use wherever you are

      Web3 Cold Wallet
      2.4 inches HD
      Manage all Assets in One Place
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    • ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet

      Super large screen is easier
      Sign what you see

      World's First Air-gapped Wallet with QR Code Interactive
      4 inches HD Touchscreen
      Anti-tamper & Anti-disassembly
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    • ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel

      The best way to backup and protect your seed phrase

      316 Stainless Steel Body
      Compatible with BIP39 Wallets
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    • ELLIPAL Air-gapped


    • ELLIPAL Anti-disassembly


    • ELLIPAL Anti-tamper


    • ELLIPAL COLD WALLET , Easy to Use

      Easy to Use

    • ELLIPAL COLD WALLET, Trustless Trust

      Trustless Trust

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