ELLIPAL hardware wallet with mobile phone App
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Ultimate Security Bundle Is Back!

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Ultimate Security Set in Steel

Mnemonic Metal

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ELLIPAL, The Hardware Wallet 2.0

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Secure Air-gapped Solution

Anywhere, Anytime

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BTC, ETH, ERC20, TRC10/20 ...

New Coins Added Every Month

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The "Next Generation" hardware wallet

  • Complete Isolation

    Feel incredibly secure as your keys will always be kept isolated inside the ELLIPAL.

  • Multiple Verification

    Add extra security layers with multiple passwords and verification steps.

  • QR Code

    Information transfer between hardware wallet and App through QR codes only.

  • Recovery

    Easily recover your hardware wallet accounts by re-entering mnemonics.

  • Incredibly Simple

    We are one of the easiest hardware wallets to use. Set up new accounts in less than a minute.

  • Large Touch Screen

    Easily manage your assets with simple to use hardware wallet UI.

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Crypto Playhouse

Crypto Playhouse

"Phenomenal, I really like this wallet. It has all the security I need in a hardware wallet"


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Love for Crypto

Love for Crypto

"This is the future, not Ledger. ELLIPAL is the future of cold storage" 


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Crypto Tips

Crypto Tips

"I like the touch screen. The set up is very easy, very user friendly"


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