Most Secure Hardware Wallet in the Market - ELLIPAL

Most Secure Hardware Wallet in the Market

Security and convenience –when these are the two main features that you want in your crypto wallet, ELLIPAL can be your reliable option to transact without any interference of additional gadgets or network. Convenience is ensured by an easy interface while security is ensured by the full metal sealed body with air-gapped technology, which is, as a matter of fact, the first in the world.

The first ELLIPAL wallet and the ELLIPAL Titan are both compatible with the ELLIPAL mobile app only. That being said, all the transactions are made by a series of verifying the data and scanning the QR codes from both the wallet and the mobile. During the transaction, backing up the data and charging the wallet, you do not have to worry about remote and physical attacks.

IP65 Certified Sealed Metal Body

As undoubtedly the most secure hardware wallet, ELLIPAL is constructed from a single sturdy metal piece that is sealed in such a way that one cannot pierce or shatter the body to access your information. The anti-disassembly body is air-gapped and also has an anti-tampering mechanism by which whenever someone tries to breach the security, the private keys and your account information is deleted automatically. The IP65 protective cover keeps the wallet out of harm’s way by offering resistance against water and dust –so to speak, your wallet is naturally safe from physical attacks. Even after all these, if a thief is able to break open the wallet, he/she cannot access any information without damaging the circuits.

Network Isolation and Security Adapter

None can access your private keys and coins by connecting the wallet with a personal computer, laptop or any such device through the USB cables. Also, the cold wallet is designed in such a way that you cannot establish any wireless connection with the wallet over Wi-Fi, mobile data or Bluetooth. There is no way to connect the wallet with your mobile device with an OTG cable and USB cable. This network isolation is what makes this cryptocurrency hardware wallet a reliable option to carry out your transactions involving Bitcoins and Altcoins.

The only way, by which you can connect the cold wallet with mobile is by installing the ELLIPAL app on your mobile and configure it according to the wallet by scanning the QR code. Unless the mobile app and wallet are verified with the same account, neither the wallet nor the mobile app can access the data of the accounts.

Updated Coin Support and Secure Transaction

There are not many cold wallets in the crypto market which are updated every month to support new coins and tokens. The ELLIPAL wallet and the ELLIPAL Titan have support for 31 Blockchains to suit the requirement of the users and among the currencies, you will get BTC, ETH, XRP, DASH, DOGE, EOS, BTG, LTC, BTX, DGB, ECA, SMART, etc. All the ERC 20 tokens (more than a thousand tokens namely ANKR-E97, BCPT-95A, ONE-5F9, BOLT-4C6, etc) are compatible with the ELLIPAL cold storage. Besides, all the EOS tokens like MEETONE, PLO, CET, HVT, IQ, etc. all BNB BEP2 tokens like ONE-5F9, ANKR-E97, AWC-986 etc and all TRC 20 and TRC 10 token like 888, BTT, ANTE, DICE, SEED, WIN, TONE etc are supported in the best hardware wallet. If you thought with thousands of coins and tokens, your ELLIPAL wallet fails to offer enough security during a transaction, you are wrong. Coming to the secure transaction, everything is done between the phone app of ELLIPAL and the wallet –all by scanning the QR codes and verifying the data and address properly before finalizing the transactions.

The transaction is created on the ELLIPAL app followed by the generation of first QR code which the wallet scans and verifies to generate another QR code. The phone app scans this code to complete verification and transaction.


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