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How to Claim Sologenic on the ELLIPAL Wallet?

This is a tutorial for XRP holders in ELLIPAL wallet that want to claim the Solo token airdrop, before we jump to it, please make sure you have learned some of the related articles about what is Solo token and when will you receive the Solo token airdrop, you can also Click Here to learn more.

Before You Start:

Make sure you have already updated your ELLIPAL App and ELLIPAL Cold Wallet to the latest version just before the air-drop. Read the version description to make sure that the new version you are downloading supports the air-drop. To update the cold wallet, visit:

Okay, let’s go back to what we were saying: “what is the easiest way to claim the Solo token?”

Well, the answer is very simple——“Use ELLIPAL wallet”

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1

Go to [XRP] page page on the ELLIPAL App, you will be able to see a banner with Solo LOGO on it at the top;

Step 2

Then click banner; You will be given 2 QR codes. Please Go to Ellipal Titan to sign and scanning QR code by XRP . Double check the details before you continue.


1) Please make sure you claim the token before 24th December;

2) You should have more than 10XRP in your account to claim the airdrop;




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