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How To Protect Your Bitcoin With ELLIPAL Titan Hardware Wallet

Everyone knows that there is nothing less secure than keeping all of your Bitcoin exchange or entrusting someone to hold it for you. When it comes to Bitcoin, everything is transparent, and under your control, so does its security. It's essential to know how to protect your Bitcoins before it is too late. One of the best ways to secure your Bitcoin is to store it on a hardware wallet like the ELLIPAL Titan cold wallet, here's how.


Why Many Users Trust The ELLIPAL Titan?


The ELLIPAL Titan is undoubtedly one of the most secure hardware wallets on the market for 2020. It has two leading security features that make it a great choice over other hardware wallets.


The ELLIPAL Titan is a 100% air-gapped device. While other wallets rely on USB or Bluetooth connections to sign transactions, the ELLIPAL Titan uses visual QR codes. The QR code feature allows the ELLIPAL Titan to have only a camera and get rid of every other connection ports in the device, making it impossible to be connected to any networks. It is a perfect wallet to protect your Bitcoins against all network attacks.


Another leading security feature is its Anti-Tamper feature to protect against physical attacks. In an unlikely situation that a hacker has physical access to your ELLIPAL Titan, the wallet can delete all of your information once it detects a breach, protecting your Bitcoin. You can recover them back later with your mnemonics keys. Last but not least, the ELLIPAL Titan is built solidly inside a fully sealed metal case. If someone tries to pry it open, there will be permanent damage to let you know that you must change to a new wallet at once.



How Can You Secure Your Bitcoin on The ELLIPAL Titan?


Securing your Bitcoin on the ELLIPAL Titan is as easy as it is secure. Once you have gotten yourself an ELLIPAL Titan, go ahead and create your first account. Set the account name and password, and the wallet will generate your mnemonics keys. The mnemonics keys are very important and are the only thing that can help you recover your wallet in the future. Please write it down and keep it well and never let anyone knows about it. Make sure when you are creating your wallet that you are alone and that there is no camera around. The instructions on the ELLIPAL Titan should be self-explanatory.


After the account is created, go ahead and download the ELLIPAL Mobile App on to your smartphone. The App will help you manage your Bitcoins and create transactions. Please be reminded that the ELLIPAL Titan is for holding the keys to your Bitcoins only. The actual Bitcoins are always online on the blockchain. There is no threat to the App being online, as it only acts as a mediator between the offline keys and the blockchain.


You can pair the ELLIPAL Titan with the App only by scanning a few QR codes. After that is done, you can easily access your new Bitcoin address both on the App and the ELLIPAL Titan. Now, send your newly bought Bitcoin to the ELLIPAL Titan.


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Your Bitcoins are now secure on the ELLIPAL Titan. However, be sure to keep your mnemonics still safe and away from other people. Also, it is not wise to let others know how much Bitcoin you have. The ELLIPAL Titan can ensure the security of your Bitcoins against hackers, but it cannot provide your safety against real thefts, so please always go a little extra to be more careful.


There are still so many more functions with the ELLIPAL Titan, such as its built-in exchange and ELLIPAL's finance products. Do read more about it, so you will know the real worth of what you are investing in.




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