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Monitor and Grow Your Assets on ELLIPAL

With the rise of cryptocurrency and the introduction of newer, often more advanced, coins for transaction, there is always the risk of potential hackers, phishing, corrupted network and malware, to name a few. To get over such issues, a hardware wallet or cold storage for your cryptocurrency is all you need and before you venture into the most secure hardware wallet, ELLIPAL is there for your service. Being the pioneer in bringing the metal sealed and air-gapped wallet in the market, ELLIPAL is more than just a hardware wallet compatible with mobile.    

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How To Transact And Grow Your Assets on ELLIPAL

With multiple language support, you can create an account through simple steps and by scanning a QR code, you can connect the wallet to your mobile ELLIPAL app. Your addresses are validated visually and each transaction is confirmed within seconds.

  • Sending And Receiving Cryptocurrencies

On the ELLIPAL app, you can create transactions by selecting the currency from the account to “send” and enter the transferable amount along with the mining fee and recipient address before clicking on “Submit”. Once the QR page opens, you have to sign in to the respective account on the cold wallet by entering a secure password and scan the QR from the mobile app followed by confirming your details and clicking on “OK”. The transfer will be complete once you have scanned the QR on the wallet with your mobile. From the ELLIPAL mobile app, you can obtain the address by selecting account, assets, currency and then clicking on “receive”. Copy the address to receive the currency.   

  • Exchanging Cryptocurrencies

To grow your assets, currency exchange is an indispensable part and to do so, you have to select the currency from the assets section of the mobile app to exchange and enter the information to submit before confirming the address. The QR code will appear which you will have to scan with the wallet. After confirming the information, use the mobile app again to scan the QR on the wallet and finally click on “complete”.

  • Adding Coins And Tokens

The air gapped hardware wallet of ELLIPAL is updated every month to add new coins while others are developed. Over 30 coins are supported including BTC, EOS, TRC10, TRC20, ERC20, BEP2, ETH, LTC, DASH, BTG, DOGE and BTX. In terms of tokens, over thousand ERC20 tokens like BAT, ZIL, GNT and KICK, all TRC, EOS and BNB BEP2 tokens are supported by the wallet. To add new coins, you have to click on the “+” sign on the wallet and the app followed by clicking on “connect to app” on the wallet and scanning the QR with mobile.

Monitoring And Securing Your Assets

ELLIPAL’s 4” screen makes it easier to verify the entered address before sending your assets. You can scan the QR codes properly and also confirm the transactions, once done. Go to Assets on the app and select the currency to verify a successful transaction and to check the history of transaction regarding the particular currency.

  • You only get to "see" mnemonics once, that is when you create an account
  • The anti-tampering sturdy metal case has IP65 certified waterproofing and dust-proofing to avoid any physical damage to your assets in the wallet.
  • In case of losing the wallet, ELLIPAL automatically wipes the asset data to avoid any security breach. The mnemonics can be used in another device to recover your data and assets.

 It comes with a secure and easy-to-use interface as displayed on the 4” screen. Creating your account, verifying with the mobile ELLIPAL app, transacting from anywhere anytime and monitoring your assets is just a matter of minutes.   

To learn more and purchase the ELLIPAL Titan, follow this link:


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