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No Need to Install Extra Software with ELLIPAL Titan

With its air-gapped technology, ELLIPAL Titan is the first of its kind among cold wallets in the cryptocurrency market. As the crypto market is being introduced with newer coins and wallets at regular intervals, there lies a question as to why Ellipal Titan can supposedly be your best choice to store, monitor and keep track of your currency. To get started, you should know that this not just like any other crypto hard wallet but a cold wallet, which is manufactured from a single piece of metal that makes it almost impossible to disassemble or tamper with. With only QR codes to scan on each step of creating an account, adding assets, sending or transferring currency, there is no need to install any software on the wallet.

Most secured cold wallet

Using ELLIPAL the most advanced wallet

Your blockchain information and private keys remain safe from any physical and network corruption as it is isolated from any wired and wireless network. While being portable with its small size, Titan lets you transfer the blockchain information and private keys conveniently without relying on Wi-Fi, cellular data, USB, NFC and Bluetooth.

  • Downloading the ELLIPAL app takes place with the Ellipal Titan where you have to scan QR code on the wallet with your Smartphone. Once downloaded, you can ‘create account’, add account name and password, back up and verify your mnemonics securely. Without any external or third-party software, you can select cryptocurrencies to store in the account and let the cryptocurrency cold storage wallet create a new account address.
  • If you are importing your new or existing crypto account to ELLIPAL Titan, you can use your private key, secret key or keystore to do so. Similarly, to recover your account with mnemonics, you do not need any software, but the wallet. The Titan acts like independent hardware with its own software having an easy interface that makes connecting the app with wallet, choosing preferred languages, firmware version and creating screen lock easy.   

why ELLIPAL is more secure than any other wallet

Cold wallet - ELLIPAL Titan

In comparison with paper wallets, online wallets, PC software wallets and USB wallets, the ELLIPAL Titan is a trustworthy and secured altcoin and bitcoin cold storage. As the wallet only works with metal mnemonics and phone app, it is more secure than the other wallets for the following reasons –

  • Made by the reputed ELLIPAL team, there is no risk of the Ellipal Titan being a forfeit, especially after the successful journey of the first ELLIPAL hardware wallet. Without any external software provider that comes with the potential risk of hackers creating a backdoor to steal the private keys, you can use the wallet while keeping your assets and keys safe.
  • As an offline bitcoin walletELLIPAL Titan connected only with the ELLIPAL app on the phone, it never stores your keys on the mobile storage, computer software or any website. Thereby, it zeroes the risk of malware attacks through the device or website.
  • Even if you haven’t stored your assets or private keys on any software, there is no worry about damaging the Titan. Its anti-disassembly body not only prevents attacks from evil maid and supply chain but its anti-tampering IP65 body is water-resistant, hacking resistant and safe from any physical damage. The auto-deletion of data in case of a tampering attempt is an excellent feature.  
  • If you lose the wallet or the circuits of the wallet get damaged, you can recover your keys and assets along with your account anytime with the mnemonics metal.     

The mobile-compatible ELLIPAL Titan supports easy account and private keys recovery or backup offline. Its security adapter also helps in offline charging and firmware update without any additional software help. Convenient to use and support for over a thousand tokens and over thirty coins, the cold wallet is your one-stop solution to send and receive currency.

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