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ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet - The Best Offline Bitcoin Wallet of 2021

ELLIPAL is one of Indiegogo’s biggest success stories of all time and it is one of the most popular hardware wallets ever made. But what is with all the hype surrounding it? What does it offer that other hardware wallets have failed to offer to cryptocurrency owners? Let’s find out.

The driving technology behind ELLIPAL is, of course, its proprietary elliptic curve cryptography. The offline bitcoin wallet lets you store your private cryptocurrency keys offline. Whether you own Bitcoins or other popular cryptocurrencies, the hardware wallet is quite robust when it comes to compatibility.

One of the differentiating factors that set this BTC offline wallet apart from other popular offerings is that ELLIPAL is completely isolated. You do not need to connect your hardware wallet to a computer even for updates. While it might not be as compact as other popular wallets like TREZOR and Ledger, it makes up for form factor with its features and security.

Hardware Wallet

ELLIPAL ensures that third-parties do not have access to any code which could lead to the system being exploited. All crypto transactions can be done using your smartphone by scanning QR codes.

When it comes to usability, you get access to the wallet itself and a charging cable. That is all you need to set up your bitcoin hardware wallet. The Micro USB cable offered with the device is meant for charging purposes only and you do not need to plug the device into a computer even for the setup phase. ELLIPAL makes use of the camera behind the device to scan QR codes and perform transactions.

ELLIPAL is one of the few brands that have stepped up in the cryptocurrency market by offering a robust and user-friendly hardware wallet. It is undoubtedly the best Bitcoin wallet option if you want a fully isolated hardware wallet for your crypto transactions. The software and hardware offer solid security features and the intuitive QR code-based usage makes it one of the standout hardware wallets in 2021 that you can get your hands on.

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