Using Coinpayments to purchse on ELLIPAL website

Tutorial: Using Coinpayments to purchase on

ELLIPAL accepts multiple cryptocurrency on on website. It allows crypto lovers worldwide to use their favorite coins to purchase the ELLIPAL Hardware wallet.

In this tutorial, we will go over how to properly purchase your hardware wallet seamlessly using cryptocurrency through Coinpayments.


1. Choose the product you would like to purchase and add it to cart. Select check out at the cart to begin shipping and payment process.

ELLIPAL hardware wallet cold wallet best bitcoin

2) Fill in your information and select "Continue to shipping" at the bottom.

Ellipal hardware wallet cold wallet bitcoin best

3) Select "Continue to payment"

Ellipal hardware wallet cold wallet bitcoin best

4) Select "Coinpayments" and select "Complete Order"

ELLIPAL Hardware wallet cold wallet bitcoin best

5) You will be referred to, select the currency you want to pay in and select "complete checkout"

ELLIPAL Hardware wallet cold wallet best bitcoin

6) Coinpayments will give you the amount you need to pay in coins and provide you with an address to send your coins to.

Either scan the address with your wallet or exchange or copy-paste the address and send as you normally would.

Make sure to send a little bit more than the amount stated as you will need to pay for gas fee.

ELLIPAL Hardware wallet cold wallet best bitcoin

Important notes from Coinpayments:

You will have a 8 hours to complete the payment. If the payment is not complete or did not cover the gas fee within 8 hours, the order will be cancelled on ELLIPAL's website.

If the payment times out before you finish, coinpayments will send you an email on how to claim your coins back.

After sending payment, review the status of your transaction on this page. Once the payment is confirmed several times in the block chain, the payment will be completed and the merchant will be notified. The confirmation process usually takes 10-45 minutes but varies based on the coin's target block time and number of block confirms required. The status page is available for the next 30 days.

What if I accidentally don't send enough?
If you don't send enough, that is OK. Just send the remainder and we will combine them for you. You can also send from multiple wallets/accounts.

Thank you for choosing to pay with Crypto and support adoption!