$40 Titan 2.0 Vocher for Hardware Wallet Users - ELLIPAL

$40 Titan 2.0 Vocher for Hardware Wallet Users

Celebrating the release of Titan 2.0, we provide a $40 shopping voucher to hardware wallet users.

Previous hardware wallet users? Either you are an ELLIPAL user or you have used other hardware wallets, you can validate your credentials [HERE] to receive a $40 voucher towards ELLIPAL Titan 2.0.

Step1: Enter Your Email

Provide the email address where you'd like to receive the voucher.
Please note that by entering your email, you agree to receive ELLIPAL's newsletter

Step2: Upload Your Proof:

Show us your hardware wallet, whether it's ELLIPAL, Ledger, Trezor, or any other brand.

Upload supported file types including PNG, JPG, and others.

Important Notes:

1. Each user can validate only once, and each email can be used once
2. Ensure the clarity of the uploaded proof for a smooth verification process.
3. For questions or assistance, click [here] to connect with our dedicated customer service team
4. This exclusive offer is tailored for hardware wallet users. ELLIPAL reserves the right to a final explanation.
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