Airdrop was already distributed! $50000

Airdrop distribution from the following addresses:

CAN: 0xf9913535879141d3e59580c1a0fa6357deecf887


COW: 0x577c00a7efc16f99e3f6414d68ee04029dd7e66e  

BOO: 0x51DF0E7B7cFFd8EF27C75f7e2EEfA456343C54cA

BXH: 0xB433B7c25e27952144D133eFfb47ACB216AA6937

DEP: 0x5f8d1377b230ee606bfc6172d41a658ad293472b

EDC: 0x8a759f5d52790480997ac93902804cc2f8523cb5  

FILDA: 0x586caFb3388f05F1b46138367962caF8A2D77F93

HFLUX: 0x4af3f330e26bffad8450e0bdf6001b362a3295ec

LHB: 0xff48c221a22f75da2c701167ac5becc8949289e0  

PTD: 0x97ccd1b21fa7238b3dae0dc3ea2e7b989d8a849b  

Congratulations to everyone who won this airdrop!

ELLIPAL is about to give out $50,000 worth of tokens in an airdrop!

Don't miss the chance!First come, first served!

Prize pool : $50,000. Daily drawing of 4,000 lucky winners for airdrop!

How to join the event?

Step 1

Application requirements.

1. Download ELLIPAL APP

2. Follow @ellipalwallet  and @HECO Chain on Twitter

3. Follow the Twitter of any of the following tokens:














Step 2

Submit your HT address to us at here

(If you don't know how to generate an HT address, you can click here for a video tutorial>>>)

Each applicant will receive a big airdrop consiting of 11 different tokens: BACK, BOO, BXH, COW, CAN, DEP, EDC, FILDA , FLUX, LHB and PTD !!!

Airdrop date:

Please follow ELLIPAL’s social media for fastest updates of the airdrop date.


Join Now

 Event date:From 12:00 noon (EST) June 21st~12:00 noon (EST) June 26th


For more details, visit us on




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