Exchange on the ELLIPAL – Why you should do it.

Trading coins is one of the most important things if you are a cryptocurrency investor. It is what allows you to take profit from your investments. This is one of the main reasons why people put their crypto on exchanges – to be able to trade coins quickly.

However, it is common knowledge by now that putting coins on the exchange is not the safest option. Hacks on exchanges happen all the time and large scale hacks happens few times a year. Currently, thanks to DeFi and third party options, trading coins on wallets is as easy and fast as on an exchange. Moreover, trading through a wallet is much more secure as everything is protected under your own private keys. ELLIPAL is the perfect wallet when it comes to exchanging and security.


Exchanging through the ELLIPAL wallet isn’t only fast and easy, it also very secure, which is the most important thing.


Why you will find it useful to exchange on the ELLIPAL:

1) ELLIPAL supports the exchange of over 30 mainstream coins and over 100 popular tokens on the market. We follow the hottest trend in crypto to add new coins/tokens to our exchange list.

2) Support cross chain exchange pair between mainstream coins such as BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, BNB, XLM, and much more, giving flexible choices to the trader.

3) Support cross chain Tokens exchange – trade easily between ERC20, BSC, HECO and other tokens.

4) Trade conveniently straight from your wallet. No need to withdraw and deposit between your wallet and the exchange.

5) Security is never breached as traded coins are deposited directly to your wallet address. Every process is under control of ELLIPAL’s air-gapped security.


The ELLIPAL Titan cold wallet does not only provide you with the best security in the world but also convenience to help you grow your assets. Apart from easy trading, we also have DeFi, Staking, and Investment options to help you be the best crypto investor you can be, while making sure you will never lose your hard earned profits.

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