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How to Ensure the Safety of Firmware Update Files

While not mandatory, we've designed a robust verification process for our firmware updates. By following these steps, you can ensure the authenticity and integrity of your ELLIPAL device's firmware. Trust in a secure update process and update with confidence.

1. Download Only from the Official ELLIPAL Website:

To avoid potential risks, always download the upgrade file from the official ELLIPAL website and refrain from using third-party sources.

2. Verify the *.bin File Integrity:

After unzipping the downloaded file, you will find two files: a *.bin format upgrade file and a TXT file.

The TXT file's first line contains the hash value of the *.bin file.

To verify the integrity of the *.bin file, upload it to the online tool provided below to generate a hash:

[Online Tool Link:]

Compare the generated hash with the first line of the TXT file. If they match exactly, the *.bin file has not been tampered with.

The bin file hash uniquely identifies its content and structure, enabling tampering detection and ensuring file integrity.

3. Verify Official Signature and Untampered Status:

1) To confirm that the upgrade package has been officially signed by ELLIPAL and remains untampered, use the ELLIPAL upgrade-file-verification-tool available at:

[Verification Tool Link:]

2) The verification process applies a standard Bitcoin signature to the hash value generated in step 2.

3) Ensure the following given conditions are ready:

  a) ELLIPAL's Bitcoin Address: Find our Bitcoin address on GitHub for reference.

  b) *.bin File Hash Value: generated in step 2

  c) Bitcoin Signature Result of the original *.bin file hash value: Find on the second line of the TXT file in step 2

Verification Objective:
The objective of this verification process is to confirm whether the signature result matches the signature produced by the private key linked to the public key and the hash value of the bin file.

Successful Verification:
A successful verification provides conclusive evidence that the upgrade package is officially signed by ELLIPAL and remains untampered. This ensures the security and trustworthiness of the firmware update, allowing you to confidently update your ELLIPAL device.

At ELLIPAL, we prioritize the safety and integrity of our upgrade packages. By following these verification steps, you can ensure a secure and reliable firmware update for your ELLIPAL device.

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