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ELLIPAL has been receiving many interests from hardware wallet reviewers all over the world. More requests are coming in and we will keep you posted on what exciting reviews you can see about the ELLIPAL hardware wallet!

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Current posted reviews:


HowMuchBitcoin (YouTube) (English)


Immersive Tech TV (YouTube) (English)


CryptoCandor (YouTube) (English)


CoinWallet CN (You Tube) (English)


Truth Raider (Twitter & website) (English)

Cold Wallet 2.0: The Ellipal Bitcoin Hardware Wallet


Bits Be Trippin' (YouTube) (English)


Crypto PM (YouTube) (Hindi) 🇮🇳


Kai Sedgwick ( (English)

Review: ELLIPAL's New Hardware Wallet is Separating From the Web Altogether


CryptoSID (YouTube) (English) (Website)(German) 🇩🇪

ELLIPAL Test und Erfahrungsberichte 2018

CryptoHongKong (YouTube)(Cantonese) 🇭🇰

Joe Coburn (

Ellipal Cold Wallet 2.0 Review: Sleekand Secure, But Still an Unknown

Ben Dickson (

Everything you need to know about bitcoin wallets

Ken Karlo (

ELLIPAL - The Cold Wallet 2.0 Review

Tiziano Tridico (YouTube)(Italian) 🇮🇹

Crypto Tips (YouTube)(English)

Jumperbillijumper (YouTube)(German) 🇩🇪

Rex Kneisley - The CryptoDad (YouTube)(English)

Love For Crypto (YouTube)(English)

CryptoCircle (YouTube)(German) 🇩🇪

Official Litecoin Lotto (YouTube)(English)

Crypto Rich (YouTube)(English)

Krypto Kamikaze (YouTube)(Polish) 🇵🇱

CryptoLand (YouTube)(English)

Kryptolandia (YouTube)(Spanish) 🇪🇸

Earn Money with Aiza (YouTube)(Tagalog) 🇵🇭    


Crypto Playhouse (YouTube)(English)


CryptoSecret 币密 (YouTube)(Mandarin) 🇨🇳



Junya Hirano 平野淳也 ( (@junbhirano) (Japanese)



Bl4nkcode ( (English)

ELLIPAL - The Cold Wallet 2.0 Review


Lili (@crptolili) (Twitter) (English)

ELLIPAL Review by CryptoLiLi


Buried ONE Crypto (YouTube) (English)


 Krypto Raport (YouTube) (Polish)


CryptoCurrentl4 (YouTube) (English)


Papa Bitcoin y Criptos (YouTube) (Spanish)




The Crypto Monk (Medium) (@TheCryptoMonk) (English)

ELLIPAL - The Hardware Wallet Isolated From The Internet


DGBAT writer Lisa M. ( (English)

Snowed In With My ELLIPAL


Crypto Playhouse (YouTube) (English)


Carolyn Coley ( (English)

ELLIPAL: Giving The Next Generation Hardware Wallet to Crypto Users Worldwide


CryptoTV (YouTube) (English)


Last Updated 03/01/2019

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