How to reset password /How to recover asset to ELLIPAL Titan?

When you create a new account in a wallet, the wallet will generate your private keys which is then randomly derived to 12/15/18/21/24 easy to remember words.

You must keep these 12/15/18/21/24 words well as it is the only way for users to backup or recover their wallet.

Please select Add Account -> Recover via Mnemonics and enter  mnemonics to recover accounts on the ELLIPAL as below

1.Recover via Mnemonics


2.Fill your mnemonics and set new account name,password.



1.Please check the spell  every single word is complete
2.If you set a passphrase when you first time create account, The passphrase is must filled. otherwise, You will get a different address.
3. Please check the address type is same with previous address.


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Thank you Chris I was able to recover my Ellipal

Edgardo Batista

Great and fast customer service! Thank you Chris!


@Donovan, Please make sure the every single word is spell complete and all letters lower. Please check the all 2048 word here .

For Passphrase, If you forget it, Sorry for it’s out of lucky , Since Ellipal never store and know the passprhase.

Customer service

Hi Unfortunately My cold wallet has been wiped clean. I dont remember if I set a pass phrase or what it is. I only have my mnemonic words and I keep getting an error message that reads "mnemonic format error. Do I need to write the number next each word or is it just the words? I can view my account on the app not the cold wallet. Please help. Is the Ellipal facebook page a real account?

Donovan Gordon

@John, For change password, You may just go to your account list, and then tap “….”, You will see the button for reset password.

Customer service

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