ELLIPAL Update Guide

New Version Update 3.9.0

1. Flare (FLR) chain added: wrap/unwrap and tokens available;
2. Fixed known bugs;
3. Other optimizations.

Before Update

Check The Version of Your ELLIPAL Cold Wallet

1) Go to settings;
2) Select "About";
3) See ELLIPAL's version.


ELLIPAL EC01 users please CLICK here.

ELLIPAL EC01 Update Guide

Update ELLIPAL Titan

Micro SD card must be FAT32 formatted for the update to work.

How to FAT32 Format

Step 1 Download Update File

Make sure to "Save File". You can also save it directly to the SD card. If you did not save it directly, copy the update file to the SD card.If the update file is the only file on the SD card, the preparation is complete.

Please do not change name of the update file or unzip it. Keep it as it is (Ellipal_ec02_v3.9.0)

PLEASE NOTE: For Mac OS, the preferences within your browser (Safari, Chrome etc) must be set to "stop automatically unzipping downloaded zip files" for the updated file to be extracted properly. It will not work unless it is a zip file.

Download ELLIPAL Firmware 3.9.0

Step 2 Connect Adapter To ELLIPAL Titan


1 - Turn off the ELLIPAL Titan.

2 - With just the Adapter, insert the SD card into the Adapter.

3 - Plug the USB cable to the Adapter (make sure the USB cable is connected to a power source).

4 - With the SD card in the Adapter and plugged in, connect it to the ELLIPAL Titan while it is off.

5 - Wait until ELLIPAL Titan shows a charging sign and then turn it back on.

*Note: We recommend not using Laptop as power source, use a normal power socket instead.

Step 3 Update

1 - Turn on the ELLIPAL Titan and select settings.

2 - Select update, the ELLIPAL Titan should recognize the update file in the SD card.

3 - It will start extracting the update file automatically, please wait and don't disconnect the adapter.

It can take up to 20 minutes.

4 - After extraction is finished, another menu will appear. Select "Start Update".

5 - Wait about 5 minutes and the update is finished.

*Note: The ELLIPAL Titan may act like turning on and off during the process,

please don't worry and don't touch it.

Please double-check the following instructions:

1. Make sure the SD card is formatted to FAT32 (Allocation unit size to 32kb).
2. Make sure the SD card has been emptied and has only 1 update file in it.
3. Make sure the SD card has been plugged into the adapter totally.
4. Make sure the Titan device is being charged during updating.



Contact cs@ellipal.com, we will reply within days.

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