What is the Air-gapped Cold Wallet?

Air-gapped cold wallet can never be connected to the internet. The cold wallet is fully protected from unauthorized access, cyber hacks, and every other vulnerability that comes with connecting to the internet. Cold wallet is the highest security type of crypto wallets, which means the owner of the wallet has full control of their private keys.

ELLIPAL, Leader of Air-gapped Cold Wallet

ELLIPAL Supports Over 10,000 Coins and Tokens

Support BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, XRP, ADA and many more.

Without installing coins APP and unlimited stored coins/tokens.

Full Coin List
  • ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet

    First 100% air-gapped cold wallet in the world

    ● Air-gapped

    ● Anti-disassembly & Anti-tamper

    ● Easy to use

    ● Security protection

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  • ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal

    The best tool to store mnemonic/seed phrase

    ● Metallic Body

    ● Easy to Use

    ● Pocket-sized

    ● Compatible with BIP39 Wallets

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  • ELLIPAL Joy Mnemonic Generator

    The world's first offline mnemonic phrase generator

    ● True random
    ● Offline
    ● Open source

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  • Coinmarketcap.com

    "The best cold wallet in 2021. In reality, the ELLIPAL Titan circuit board was designed to prevent all physical connections, including Wifi, Bluetooth, and cellular. "

  • Bitcoin.com

    "A multi-currency hardware wallet that strikes a balance between security and usability. Fairly priced and well made, the ELLIPAL Titan is a force to be reckoned with."

  • Hardware-wallets.net

    "ELLIPAL places great value on security. To achieve this, ELLIPAL has developed a security system that protects the user from hacking attempts while providing mobile support."

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