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2024 BTC Edition Cold Wallet

Buy, swap, stake, and manage over 10,000 coins and tokens.
Forbes-recommended cold wallet.

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Valid July 25-27


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Introducing 2024 BTC Edition Titan 2.0

Decentralized, Hold, Salute

Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins

Say hello to the 2024 BTC Edition – crafted to celebrate Bitcoin's epic halving at blockchain height 840,000. This wallet’s got a bold look that’s totally unique, and security that’s top of the line, making sure your crypto stays safe and offline. A real gem for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Secure and manage your digital treasures with the limited-edition Titan 2.0.
Cheers to Satoshi, the OG of Bitcoin!

Decentralized and Air-Gapped

Simple, Secure, 100% offline. 

No WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, or networks—just scan a QR code for private transactions.

Full control is in your hands: sign what you see, and trust what you sign.

Dual-Layer Defense with CC EAL 5+ Secure Element

Experience the world’s first fully metal sealed hardware wallet with ELLIPAL Titan 2.0, a bulwark against physical, supply chain attacks, and evil maid attacks, ensuring your assets remain secure.

Anti-disassembly & Anti-tamper

Experience the world’s first fully metal sealed hardware wallet with ELLIPAL Titan 2.0, a bulwark against physical, supply chain attacks, and evil maid attacks, ensuring your assets remain secure.

Smooth and Easy Experience

The ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 with a 4-inch Full Lamination IPS display, super quick-touch response, and 5-minute setup. Updates in just 3 minutes - it's user-friendly from start to finish.

ELLIPAL Titan 2.0: Secure, Simple, Superior

Embrace ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 - the evolution of hardware wallets. Absolute air-gapped security, powerful encryption, and effortless crypto handling. Upgrade to ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 for peace of mind.

Hodl Safe, Hodl Smart


ELLIPAL manages NFTs, and support over 10,000 coins & tokens

Coin List  
  • Auto-selfdestruct

    If any tampering is detected, your private information will be automatically deleted.

  • 2 Factor Authentication

    PIN entry & Password entry. Get extra secure with gesture pin and numeric passwords.

  • Secret Secondary Wallet Option

    Setup alternate accounts that shows up when the wallet is unlocked with your alternate password if you are being threatened.

  • Security

    Connector: QR Scanner (Air-gapped)
    Seed Phrase: 24-word & Passphrase
    Secure Element: CC EAL5+
    Firmware Upgrade: MicroSD Card
    Design: Fully Metal Sealed

  • Compatibility

    Android & iOS
    Decentralized Apps

  • Assets Management

    Coins & Tokens: Over 10000
    NFTs: ETH & Polygon

    See the full coin list

  • Size and Weight

    Dimensions: 118 × 66 × 9.7 mm
    Screen Type: IPS Display (Color)
    Display Size: 4.0 inch
    Weight: 140g
    Battery: 1400 mAh

  • Account Management

    Multiple Accounts: Up to 10
    Secret Secondary Wallet Option: Yes
    Seed Phrase Recovery: Yes
    Private Key Recovery: Yes
    Coin Storage: Unlimited

  • In the Box

    1* ELLIPAL Titan 2.0
    1* Type-C Charging Cord
    1* Security Adapter
    1* User Manual
    2* Seed Phrase Recovery Sheets
    1* SD Card

Frequently Asked Questions

When does shipping begin for the 2024 BTC Edition Cold Wallet?

Your 2024 BTC Edition Cold Wallet order will be shipped within 2 working days of placement.

Why choose ELLIPAL Cold Wallet to protect my assets?

Unlike vulnerable online wallets and precarious exchanges, ELLIPAL Cold Wallet ensures unmatched protection with its 100% offline security and CC EAL5+ security chip. The transparent QR code transactions further bolster asset management, making ELLIPAL a clear choice for fortified crypto safety.

Is there a backdoor on the ELLIPAL Cold Wallet?

The ELLIPAL hardware wallet allows for secure importation of your mnemonic phrase or private key through its offline mechanism, ensuring that your sensitive information never goes online.

What should I do to recover my assets if my device is lost or damaged?

In case of loss or damage, you can recover your assets using your backup mnemonic phrase or private key on a new ELLIPAL hardware device, completely offline, keeping your assets safe from online threats.

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