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5th Anniversary Airdrop Detail & FAQ

To celebrate 5th anniversary, we airdrop 5000 e-PAL NFTs on Polygon to thank you for your support over the past five years.

Four participating options for the NFT redemption code:

1. Place any order on ellipal.com to receive a redemption code in 24 hrs in your email.

2. Swap crypto on ELLIPAL Mobile APP to get a Transaction number as your redemption code.

3. Complete the steps on THIS TWEET and register on THIS FORM to get a redemption code in your email (first-come, first-served).

4. Join NFT airdrop with our partners on Twitter: XDC, Symbiosis, SWFT, Metapath, Tokenview, and Trend HK.


(1) Choose one participating option to get your redemption code:

March 9th PST 00:01 — March 15th PST 23:59

(2) Redeem your code on the ELLIPAL Mobile APP:

March 13th PST 00:01 — March 31st PST 23:59

Check out our NFT market here: https://opensea.io/collection/e-pal-ellipal-5th-anniversary-nft

How to redeem your NFT?

1. Download ELLIPAL Mobile APP and upgrade it to version 3.8.0;
2. Connect/create/recover a wallet or use your existing wallet;
3. Make sure you have added a polygon account to your wallet;
4. Enter your redemption code and choose a polygon address to redeem your e-PAL NFT.

Your e-PAL NFT will be airdropped to your ELLIPAL Polygon address and displayed in your ELLIPAL Mobile APP within 24 hours after your redemption.

How to view and share your e-PAL NFT?


1. Can I use a cold wallet account (blue) to receive my NFT?
2. Can I use a hot wallet account (orange) to receive my NFT?
3. Can use a seed phrase recovery account to receive my NFT?
4. If I have multiple accounts can I choose the account I want to receive NFT?
Yes, you can choose one account from all accounts on your ELLIPAL Mobile APP.
5. If I use a cold wallet account to receive my NFT, will the NFT be stored in my cold wallet?
Yes. To be precise, it stays on the blockchain, but the cold wallet protects your private key, that is, the cold wallet also protects the access to your NFT.
6. I am using ELIPAL Titan/ELLIPAL Titan Mini, is there any difference when receiving NFT?
No, there is no difference whether you use a Titan or a Titan Mini.
7. Can I get more than one redemption code?
Yes, there are four participating options. You can get more than one through different options.
8. Can I receive more than one e-PAL NFT with one Polygon address?
Each Polygon address can receive a maximum of Two e-PAL NFTs this time.

*ELLIPAL reserves the right to the final interpretation.

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