ADA, XVG, ELA - Exciting ELLIPAL Updates for June and July! - ELLIPAL

ADA, XVG, ELA - Exciting ELLIPAL Updates for June and July!

Since the start of June, we had been making many exciting announcements. This article will help summarize and let you know what to expect in the coming months!


1) ELLIPAL will be supporting ADA (Cardano)

Cardano will be available on June's update! Fans of Cardano, don't miss out on this update! We have been working hard with the Cardano team to bring you this support! As one of the hottest cryptocurrency right now, we are very excited for this new addition.


2) First XVG (Verge) Hardware Wallet.

We partnered up with XVG team to bring you Verge to the ELLIPAL! We already received massive interests online and the support will be available in July! We are also very proud to be the Verge's first hardware. The Vergefam will now have the most secure airgapped hardware wallet to store their coins.


3) ELA (Elastos) coming to ELLIPAL.

With immessive work from the team of Noderators ELA node, we are now proud to annouce the support of ELA on our hardware wallet in July! Check them out here: They will also be having their own ELLIPAL giveaway activities so if you a member of their node or wishes to join, check out their website!


Not only we are supporting more coins, features improvements and updates will also be coming. We will announce the improvements once the update is ready for June version. Don't forget to subscribe to our email to receive all the important updates and promotions.

If you are still haven't gotten yourself an ELLIPAL, we will be running freeshipping promotion until June 14th. Get yours before then, no discount code needed!



Once again, thank you so much for your support and hope you will looking forward to the rest of June and July as much as us. More exciting collaborations and announcements coming soon. Will keep you updated as always!


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Come on guys, please stop supporting total trash coins that are proven to be shady and have a bad history. Verge….. really.

If you’re going for a privacy leader, support XMR or ZEC.

Also NANO where is it, advertised on your website, promised for ages now, yet, NO BANANA


When will you support Z-Cash? That the only crypto I have that is not on the ELLIPAL yet.


i bought ellipal because you pushed RVN compatibility on the kickstarter…. now you want RVN supporters to buy more devices. support RVN like you originally promised. WTF is elastos???? really?


please consider adding vechain.

regards, glenn


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