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Depth, a maverick stablecoin management protocol

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Among all asset management protocols founded on HECO Chain, Depth is definitely one of the most maverick projects targeting on stablecoins. Having gone through a series of bold and innovative self-reform, this protocol has shocked a lot of people by shutting down its native token DEP LP liquidity mining rewards in 3 days after launch, and now figured out a unique economic model which allows its users to share more than 300,000 HUSD rewards per week. So, what is Depth and how does Depth work?

Depth, according to the introduction on its official website (, is a stablecoin asset management protocol that provides swap service and saving service for users. It stresses the security and high efficiency of their products and is trying to offer the users services with leading yield rates on HECO Chain, which is a decentralized public chain launched by the Huobi Open Platform.

Basically, users can do following things on Depth:

  1. Swap stablecoins with an extremely low slippage and transaction fees:

Adopting an advanced AMM model, Depth allows users to swap stablecoins with an extremely low slippage. Just as its name implies, the “Depth” for stablecoins on Depth.Fi is even better than good. Taking 5 million USD transactions as an example, this protocol can fulfill this large amount of swap between HUSD and USDT with almost 0 slippage. The transaction fee is as low as 0.04%.

  1. Deposit stablecoin pair to earn saving yields and mining rewards:

Besides the swap service, Depth provides high yield saving services for users. When depositing HUSD/USDT stablecoin pairs on Depth, users can earn competitive saving APY in both principal and DEP. Comparing to other protocols’ yield, Depth keeps a leading percentage for most of the time on the HECO chain.

  1. Stake single stablecoins to Depth Vault and earn mining rewards:

Since Depth launched its Vault product a few weeks ago, users are allowed to stake single stablecoin to earn rewards too. For now, Depth has connected with most qualified lending protocols on HECO including BACK, Channels, Coinwind, FilDA, Lendhub, and Pilot.

By implementing the vault strategy, Depth becomes an integrated entrance for the deposit of stablecoins on HECO. Thus, if you don’t want to bother to look up the white paper of all these projects, Depth could be on your top choice. The APR for Depth Vault now is around 10%-15%.

  1. Share protocol earnings by staking the platform governance token DEP to Depth DAO:

As it mentioned at the beginning, Depth has a unique economic model, and the shining part of this model should be the Depth DAO. According to previous data, Depth DAO is sharing over $300,000 rewards with DEP holders each week in HUSD.

All rewards come from the earnings of Depth’s business. Besides rewards sharing, Depth DAO will also play the role of community governance in the near future. When checking the data on the chain, some people would surprisingly find out the fact that most supplying DEPs are actually staked in Depth DAO now.

Some user does earn more than 3500 USD from Depth DAO Weekly Rewards Sharing:

Till now, the saving service cycle for users on Depth.Fi becomes clearer:

Users deposit Pair/Single stablecoin to earn DEPs à Users stake DEPs to Depth DAO and share HUSD rewards.

From third party interview articles and various AMA events, we learnt that Depth is going to launch OTC service and DEX in just one month or two. These upcoming products will directly increase the Depth DAO earnings, at the meantime fulfill more users’ needs for trading on the HECO network.

Depth is researching on diverse types of solutions for DeFi applications. The core volunteer team has asked users to stay tuned and is continued to delved into carrying out more feasible plans to empower all supporters.

If you are interested in Depth, please visit their official Website:

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