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ELLIPAL Cold Wallet Now Securely Support 40 Coins & 10000+ Tokens

Crypto cold wallet

The abbreviated form of Elliptic Curve Cryptography + Pal, known as ELLIPAL is the hardware wallet which strives to be isolated from outside world with zero wired and wireless connectivity. Communicating only through the QR codes captured by rear camera of the device, ELLIPAL offers 100% security to your private key regarding Bitcoins offline. In order to suit the requirement of most cryptocurrency users, ELLIPAL features quite a robust list of supported coins.

Coins list

The 40 coins supported thus are (BTC)Bitcoin, (ETH)Ethereum, (BNB)Binance, (BNB)Binance SmartChain, (XRP)Ripple,(ADA)Cardano, (DOGE)Dogecoin, (DOT)Polkadot,(LTC)Litecoin,(BCH)BitcoinCash,(VET)VeChain,(XLM)Stellar,(THETA)THETA,(TRX)TRON,(EOS)EOS,(BSV)Bitcoin SV, (ATOM)Cosmos, (XTZ)Tezos, (ETC)Ethereum Classic, (HT)Huobi ECO Chain, (DASH)Dash, (KSM)Kusama, (DCR)Decred, (ZEC)Zcash, (DGB)DigiByte, (BTG)Bitcoin Gold, (XVG)Verge, (BCD)Bitcoin Diamond, (BCHA)Bitcoin Cash ABC. (ELA)Elastos, (XZC)Firo, (WTC)Waltonchain, (GRS)Groestlcoin,(HPB)HPB, (SMART)SmartCash, (CMT)CyberMiles, (BTX)Bitcore, (PTN)PalletOne, (ECA)Electra, (FLRN)Florijncoin.

ELLIPAL also supports all types of ERC 20 tokens, all types of BNB BEP2 tokens, all types of Tron TRC 10 and Tron TRC 20 tokens as well as all types of EOS tokens. Over thousand of ERC 20 tokens include ZIL, ZRX, ANT, BAT, CHP, CVC, EDG, ENJ, GNT, HOT, KICK, KIN, NGC, NPXS, OMG, Oracle, PAX, RFR, STORJ and SWT. Among the BNB BEP2 tokens, users can use ANKR-E97, ARN-71B, AWC-986, BCPT-95A, BOLT-4C6, CAN-677, FTM-A64, ONE-5F9, MITH-C76, NOW-E68 and so on. Coming to TRC 10 and TRC 20 tokens, there are 888, ANTE, BTT, DICE, KAOS, LVH, PALY, SEED, TONE, and WIN etc. Some of the supported tokens of EOS in ELLIPAL are MEETONE, PEOS, PLO, TPT, WAL, CET, DICE, EOSDAC, HVT and IQ.   

To learn more and purchase the ELLIPAL Titan, follow this link:


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