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ELLIPAL Faithful Resonance Program

Are you ready to unlock a world of rewards, connections, and crypto-loving fun? We're thrilled to introduce the ELLIPAL Faithful Resonance Program, designed exclusively for our amazing existing customers like you! Get ready to spread the love for ELLIPAL and reap some fantastic benefits along the way.

Here's what's in store for you:

Earn as You Share: The Registration Reward

Have you ever wanted to be part of something bigger? 

Register as an ELLIPAL Affiliate to get a $10 cashback if your order exceeds $129!


  1. Register https://www.ellipal.com/pages/become-influencer
  2. Provide your Order Number and the Affiliate Registration Email Address to affiliate@ellipal.com. You’ll receive your cashback within 7 working days. 

Share the ELLIPAL love and invite new users, making our community stronger together!

Time: Sept 1 - 30

Boost Your Earnings: The Affiliate Referral Reward

Earning while promoting your favorite brand? That's right! By becoming an Affiliate, you can earn a 10% Start Commission for every successful referral. Withdrawal your commission from 20 USD by emailing us at affiliate@ellipal.com.

Imagine this: A Titan Cold Wallet priced at $139 could fetch you a cool $13.9 in rewards! 

Here's how:

① Sign up as an Affiliate at https://www.ellipal.com/pages/become-influencer

② Share your Affiliate link with friends.

③ Track your accumulated orders in the Affiliate dashboard.

④ Reach 20 USD commission and email us at affiliate@ellipal.com to request your withdrawal.

Time: Sept 1 - 30

Monthly Passionate Fan Rewards 

Are you a devoted ELLIPAL supporter? We celebrate you! Every month, we'll select 1 of the most passionate ELLIPAL fans mainly based on Content Contribution and Interaction with @ellipalwallet on Twitter.

And guess what? You get to choose one product from our website absolutely FREE with free shipping! To be eligible, you just need to be fair, objective, and share the same ELLIPAL philosophy. It's our way of saying thanks for being an awesome brand advocate.

Time: Regularly

Be part of the ELLIPAL Faithful Resonance Program and let your crypto journey become even more rewarding and exciting. Join us as we create ripples of resonance in the crypto community!


Got questions? We're here to help:




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