ELLIPAL Titan - Future of Hardware Wallet - ELLIPAL

ELLIPAL Titan - Future of Hardware Wallet

ELLIPAL started as a crowdfunded project that saw immense success. The initial products released by the hardware wallet brand were nothing short of groundbreaking with security features that we have never seen before. But with the arrival of the ELLIPAL Titan, things go beyond what we have ever seen before. So what makes ELLIPAL Titan the future of hardware wallets? Let’s find out.

Future of hardware wallet


The anti-tampering hardware that ELLIPAL comes with is one of the most advanced we have seen in the industry. While some other hardware wallets can be disassembled, it is impossible to break down an ELLIPAL Titan. ELLIPAL makes use of some of the most advanced manufacturing processes in the industry to achieve the capabilities of the Titan air-gapped wallet.


The ELLIPAL Titan is the most secure hardware wallet and it is completely an air-gapped cold wallet along with total network isolation. It secures data transfer via QR code only which is the safest way to keep remote attacks away. Secure, precise, and one-time transactions define the ELLIPAL Titan.


So if you cannot connect your ELLIPAL Titan to a computer, how do you perform transactions? Unlike other standard hardware wallet options, the ELLIPAL Titan can make use of its own Android or iOS app for all transactions. But, all of your cryptocurrency information is stored in the wallet itself. Only when you initiate a transaction do you generate a unique QR code that does not share any information except for your transfer details.

If you want an all-in-one secure crypto hardware wallet, the ELLIPAL Titan should be your next hardware wallet.


To learn more and purchase the ELLIPAL Titan, follow this link:


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