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The Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallet of 2020 - ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet

Since Satoshi Nakamoto founded Bitcoin eleven years ago, developers all over the world have been trying to create the best Bitcoin wallet. Paper wallets to smartphone wallets, Bitcoin wallet technology is rapidly developing, and you can choose from hundreds of choices. However, not all of them are secure, and your Bitcoins are not yours until you are using a decent wallet you can trust, so deciding on which wallet to use is an important task. For many people, keeping their Bitcoins in a hardware wallet is the best choice for security.


ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet



There are also many choices and styles when it comes to a hardware wallet, but the most exciting hardware wallet of all is the recently released ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet. Assuming you know what hardware wallets are for and how they work, this article will explain how the ELLIPAL Titan is the best hardware wallet of 2020.


It Is 100% Air-Gapped

Hardware wallets are designed to keep your keys offline; however, not all of them can be offline at all times. Most of them still have to be connected via USB or Bluetooth to work. These connections can be taken advantage of and take your keys online.

The ELLIPAL Titan is different because it does not need either USB or Bluetooth to work. It uses QR codes to sign your transactions, so all it needs is a camera. This smart trick allows the ELLIPAL Titan not to have any connection ports and make it 100% air-gapped. Therefore, the ELLIPAL Titan is protected from all internet attacks.


It Protects Your Bitcoin From Physical Attacks


Every hardware wallet is weak against physical attacks. Once a hacker stole your hardware wallet, you are in a race against time to transfer all the Bitcoin out. Hackers are getting creative these days, and they can find a way to hack hardware wallets as long as they have physical access to it. They could also install fake software and wait for you to use it in order to steal your password.


A method for the ELLIPAL Titan to counter this is to install Anti-Tamper and Anti-Disassembly function. The Anti-Tamper function will activate when the hardware detects a breach. If someones try to break the wallet open, the system will delete itself, protecting your information. The wallet is also firmly sealed inside a metal case, meaning it can withstand a lot of physical abuse. Hackers will have a hard time disassembling it, and if they did, there would be permanent damage to the wallet.

It Is Very Easy To Use

It is common to see convenience being sacrificed for security or vice versa, but for the ELLIPAL Titan, it has quite convenient to use for a very secure hardware wallet.


The ELLIPAL Titan has a big color touch screen, which makes it very easy and intuitive to use. It also works together with a smartphone App, the ELLIPAL Wallet App, to sends all of your transactions to the blockchain. As mentioned, the hardware wallet and App works through QR codes only, so the ELLIPAL Titan always stays entirely offline. The App helps you manage your accounts on the go and even allows you to check Bitcoin news and Bitcoin prices. 


Apart from Bitcoin, the ELLIPAL Titan supports over 7000 coins and tokens. One account on the ELLIPAL Titan can store all of the supported currencies, and you can open up to five accounts for different occasions. It is a lot of freedom to manage for just one hardware wallet.


You can exchange currencies easily on ELLIPAL's built-in exchange, quickly recover your accounts from other wallets, and invest your coins on ELLIPAL's finance products. The ELLIPAL is easily an All-In-One hardware wallet security solution.



The ELLIPAL Titan protects you from network attacks, with it being 100% air-gapped. It also protects you from physical attacks with Anti-Tamper and Anti-disassembly functions. Not only is it very secure, but it is also effortless to use, packed with useful features, and you can take anywhere. The ELLIPAL Titan can easily be called the best hardware wallet of 2020.


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