What Are Crypto Assets and How Do They Work?

While offering multi-asset and cryptocurrency management according to the rates of real-time, ELLIPAL keeps the digital assets secure in cold wallet. Any crypto action can be performed easily with the simultaneous use of the mobile app and cold wallet of ELLIPAL, thanks to the intuitive user interface. The crypto assets are transferred between ELLIPAL mobile app and wallet manually and visually so that the user is fully aware of the digital data exchange. Being the most accessible and safest hardware wallet compatible with any mobile device, the cold wallet version 2.0 is an internet isolated cross-chain device that can meet all cryptocurrency requirements.

While many cold wallets are PC and storage oriented, offering little convenience, that of ELLIPAL is mobile-oriented and offers multiple currencies. While being secure storage of cryptocurrency, allowing seamless account management, updated crypto news and daily exchange convenience, it does not show a balance on the wallet for added security, but stores the private keys. Users need to scan QR code and connect ELLIPAL app and cold wallet properly to manage the assets on the app directly.

Besides, even if you lose the cold wallet or firmware, your mnemonic will be safe so that none can steal the assets and you can recover them along with the account with a new wallet using the mnemonics. Not being compatible with any internet (Wi-Fi, hotspot), Bluetooth and USB, your wallet cannot be hacked and the assets (in the mode of private keys) are safe inside hardware trust zone that has strong cryptography. With multi-step verification of a password, the wallet also detects any privacy breach and erases data automatically.

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