How to add ERC20 tokens on ELLIPAL

How to add ERC20 tokens

[On the APP] Assets - Select ETH - Click on "+" - Add Tokens – Done

How to add ERC20 tokensHow to add ERC20 Tokens

If you cannot find the Token, you can search it by token contact address in the search bar. 

If still not there , You can also submit add token request here

We support all ERC20 tokens, Like Shiba inu, Saitama, QNT (Quant)
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Excellent! Thank you! I think you should publish all your blogs and videos in print/picture format. I would refer to it often, and it would save me from leaning on support.

Being on the phone and Titan, it would be great to have a book in front of me. If you publish it, I’ll buy one! Thank you for all your help!


@Darren , Please go to Ellipal app-Finance- Buy Crypto for buying SHIB token

Customer service

Just put shib on wallet, how do you buy it now please??

Darren Evans

Thank you so much for your quick response.


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