[On the App] Assets - Select the currency to be exchanged - Exchange - Fill in the information – Submit

a. [On the App] Assets - Select the currency to be exchanged - Exchange - Fill in the information – Submit


b. Confirm the transaction address - the QR code page 


C. You can also make exchange transaction on App--"Finance "section


1. The Temporary address is for one-time receiving and sending coins ,Please don't worry about it and Do not save the receiving address.
2.The amount of expected get is estimated .

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I’m just curious what exchange is used for the swap function on the elliepal pal app?

Wonder wilds

@bradley There are 3 reasons for error message "transaction and signature are inconsistent "

1. If you make transaction account A, but scan and sign on Titan account B, The message will shown up, Please make sure the account on the app same with account on Titan, Please do not mix them.

2. If you recover with 12 word mnemonics of your account before, Please delete the previous account and re-connect with App again.

3. If you make a trasaction on Coin A, But your sign with Coin B, example like you make a transaction on BTC, but sign with ETH sign button , The error will shown up.

Customer service

i keep getting this error when trying to swap coins, the transaction and signature accounts are inconsistent, i have verified that the address matches on the app and the cold wallet.

bradley morris

@Jose Please refer attached how to swap coins on Ellipal app, This is apply both Cold wallet and hot wallet account, Thank you

Customer service

I dont have titan cold wallet I only have the app
Ellipal app how I can exchange on the app only


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