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This is a contract between you and us (ELLIPAL). It will describes how we will work together and form a healthy business relationship. Please agree to this contract to become our partner.

*ELLIPAL deserves the right to update this contract when we need to.

1) Commission -

i. Commission is valid for all successful sales through your referral link.

ii. Commission is 20% of products sold at full price($169/unit), commissions for discounted products will vary according to specific products.

iii. After 40th piece sold, commission is increased to 27% and after 100th piece sold, commission is increased to 34% of products sold at full price($169/unit).

2) Free Sample -

i. ELLIPAL will provide a free sample if needed upon request.

ii. The sample sent must be used for marketing purpose only.

iii. The sample must be used explicitly in some form that ELLIPAL approves (eg. It is being used in a comprehensive YouTube review video or a full review article in a website)

iv. If you fail to give a review or use it for marketing purpose, ELLIPAL has the rights to have you ship back the product at your expense.

3) Payment -

i. ELLIPAL agrees to pay either through Paypal or USDT for easy management and that our partners can get their payments quickly.

ii. ELLIPAL will use net 15 system to determine payment dates. This means payment will occur on the 15th of every month. The amount will be based on the commission earned from the previous month. (eg. 15th October payment will based on September 1st- 30th commission.)

iii. We will transfer the payments every 100 USD earned through Paypal or USDT. If earnings is still less than 100 USD by the 15th, we will pay you the next 15 when it reaches 100 USD.

I agree

ELLIPAL – The hardware wallet 2.0 Affiliate Program

Become an ELLIPAL Affiliate and earn USDT/USD for every sale!

Starting commission: 20%
Referred 40 or more: 27%
Referred 100 or more: 34%

Join our Affiliate Program for these reasons

  • ATTRACTIVE COMMISSIONS You will earn 20% referral commission for each sale (net sale amount, excluding VAT and shipping). Payouts in USDT or USD
  • FREE SUPPORT The ELLIPAL team will provide our affiliates with the helpful resources and timely support.
  • ACCURATE REPORTS We provide accurate and reliable third-party reports to help you optimize traffic sources and conversions.
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