One-stop App for all your Cryptocurrency Needs
Manage your accounts, make trades and exchanges through your smartphone while your coins remain safe in the cold wallet.

Download here:

Easy Asset Management

  • Summarizes your total assets
    Check your total balance of all cryptocurrencies with real-time rates.
  • View and manage multiple coins easily 
    View transaction and exchange details directly on the App.

Exchange and Trade Securely

  • Exchange or trade coins any time and any where
    With your mobile phone in one hand and the ELLIPAL in the other, you can easily perform all your crypto activities. The ELLIPAL App has an Intuitive UI design and step-by-step assistance to make sure your experience is as seamless as possible.
  • QR code signing is safe, fast and verifiable
    A QR code scan is the only way to exchange information between the ELLIPAL wallet and the ELLIPAL App. Being both manual and visual, this data exchange process is under your full awareness and total control.

Real-Time Quotes & News

  • Quotes are updated automatically in real time
    Easily monitor the real time prices of your coins and access project introductions, websites and more.
  • Read the latest market news directly on the App
    Keep up to date on the latest market events every day.
App Features
  • Hot & Cold Wallet Functions
  • ELLIPAL App can work alone as a hotwallet
    or pair with ELLIPAL to become cold wallet
    to maximize security.
  • Community Credit Token
  • ELLIPAL App rewards users for specific
  • actions with our token - the CCT.
  • CCT can be used to purchase a new ELLIPAL.
  • Support multiple languages
  • ELLIPAL App (and wallet) supports
    English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Other Features
  • -Password to log in before accessing your accounts.
  • -Destination Tag for XRP and Memo for XLM.
  • -Customize gas fees for your transactions.
  • -Easily import and export accounts.
  • -Set up watch accounts.