Look Up The Complete Word of Your Mnemonic - ELLIPAL Metal Mnemonic Steel Wallet


4 Letters to Full Word Mnemonics Guide

Please use this guide to look up the full word of your mnemonic if you are using the 4 letters system on ELLIPAL Metal Mnemonic.

Mnemonics generated by ELLIPAL uses BIP39 specification so with just the first 4 letters, you can know the rest of the word.

When using your Metal Mnemonics to recover your account on the ELLIPAL device, simply type 4 letters you arranged on the Metal Mnemonics and the rest of the word will automatically shows up.

Which word represents my 4 letters mnemonic?

1. Click here to download the mnemonic list

2. Open the mnemonic list and press Ctrl+F on your keyboard to use search function, enter the first 4 letters of the word in the search box.