Update version 1.5 to 2.0

ELLIPAL Version 2.0 update includes both hardware wallet and companion App.

Version 2.0 includes:

1) We added a few more enhancements to prevent some potential threats, in particular, the supply chain attack on hardware modification and changing.
NOTE: As this firmware version is specially for upgrading the hardware wallet's security to the next level, the update file is sized 282 MB, please spare some time donwloading the file. The update on the ELLIPAL itself will take about 9 minutes to complete installing.

Read first: Update from 1.5 to 2.0

Version 1.5 must have an existing account to enter settings

① Cold wallet without an account:
Create an account first (This can be anything, you may delete later)->Select Settings->Update cold wallet.

(Make sure the battery level is more than 30% before the update.)

② Cold wallet with an existing account:
Select Settings->Update cold wallet. The upgrade file should be detected, follow the user interface to start the update process

(Make sure the battery level is more than 30% before the update.)


Hardware Wallet Update Guide

Please Note: NOTE: The update file has already finished downloading beforehand in this video. Its size is 282 MB so it will take some time. This is a big update focused on improving security, hence the large size and long update time. Thank you for your patience.


1. Prepare a blank MicroSD card. The card must be formatted in FAT32. Note: cards larger than 32G cannot be formatted in FAT32 on Windows PC.

2. Download the latest "v2.0.zip" (You would need winrar or winzip to extract the zipfile)

DOWNLOAD v2.0.zip

It should has four files like this after extract:

ellipal hardware wallet cold wallet update

Drag and copy these four to your prepared mirco SD card. No need to further extract the "update" zip file

3. While the ELLIPAL is off, Insert the SD card into the ELLIPAL and restart device.

4. Go to Settings and select "update". The update file should be recognized by the hardware wallet. Click "start" to begin the update.

5. The update will run and finishes itself. This will take about 9 minutes. After the update, you can continue using as normal.