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ELLIPAL Joy Mnemonic Generator

The world's first offline mnemonic phrase generator.

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Regular price $49.90
Sale price $49.90 Regular price $49.90

Hardware Specs

Size: 37mm* 37mm* 37mm
Weight: 39g


1) Paypal
2) Credit cards
3) Cryptocurrency

Shipping Information

1) The price above does not include shipping and import tax that may apply to your country.
2) Orders will be shipped within 2 business days. Shipping may take 3-5 business days.

3) Please note that delivery time may change due to special circumstances and force majeure factors.
4) ELLIPAL does not ship to P.O. box address.

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Warranty & Support

For device - 12 months from date of purchase.

True Random

Embed a true random number generator in the ST chipset that delivers 32-bit random numbers generated by an integrated analog circuit


No contact with the network. Offline generation to prevent network attacks and absolute security

Open Source

Make the program public so that anyone can check the generated rules (Github)

BIP39 Standard

Compatible with all BIP39 hot wallet and hardware wallet

Why you need ELLIPAL Joy?

Mnemonic phrases can recover your assets on another wallet if you can't get access to your crypto wallet. So it’s very important to make sure your mnemonic phrases are random, unique, and not known by anyone. ELLIPAL Joy is designed to solve all your worries about the safety of your mnemonic phrases generate processes.

  • cyber hacking risk?

    ELLIPAL Joy runs in a completely isolated network environment

  • Is random?

    The chip ensures the generation process is completely random.

  • has been preset?

    Open source - all programs can be tested and verified.

  • Used in other wallt?

    Compatible with all BIP39 hot wallet and hardware wallet.