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6th Anniversary Airdrop Detail & FAQ

Celebrate ELLIPAL's 6th Anniversary with our exclusive airdrop event, offering a chance to win from a $20,000 cryptocurrency prize pool, including VET, PMPY, and BTC.

Prize Pool

  • Cryptos: VET, PMPY (ETH). BTC (BSC)
  • Gifts: 6th Anniversary Packs
  • Total Value:$20,000
  • Rounds:6
  • 6000 airdrops
  • Top Prize: $600
  • Allocation: First-come, first-served. Random

How to Participate

2 participating options

1. Place any order on ellipal.com
2. Complete the steps on THlS TWEET,and register on
THIS FORM to submit your ELLIPAL wallet address


Timing Details

  • Event Period: March 25th PDT to May 5th PDT
  • Redemption Period: March 25th PDT to May 5th PDT
  • Airdrop Schedule: April 1st PDT to May 10th PDT

How to Redeem

1. Download the ELLIPAL APP 
2. Retrieve your coin address (each round features a different coin/token, please refer to the PlN Twitter content)
3. Paste the address to submit


1. Can I participate in the airdrop more than once?
 Each participant is allowed only one airdrop, with the event comprising six rounds of distribution.

2. What happens if I submit multiple entries from the same IP address, email, or Twitter ID?
We will only record the first submission of address information for each participant; repeat submissions from the same IP, email, or Twitter ID are not permitted.

3. What types of addresses are eligible to receive the airdrop?
Only addresses generated by the ELLIPAL app or ELLIPAL hardware wallets are eligible for receiving the airdrop.

4. Will I receive an airdrop just by submitting my address?
Submitting your address does not guarantee an airdrop. The $600 top prize and other rewards are given out on a first-come, first-served basis, combined with random selection.

*ELLIPAL reserves the right to the final interpretation.


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