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Don't Lose Hope, Have Faith!

When the market is red, don't lose faith in crypto. 

Keep them secure; opportunities will come soon.

We will HODL through this together. 

BITCOIN broke through the $30,000 support yesterday, and spectators are now reluctant about any recovery in the short term. As a result, you may see many experts mentioning that we may see a downtrend in BTC's price, but there is also a chance that whales may be looking to "buy the dip." It is uncertain where the market will go. 

If the market makes you feel down or exhausted, we would like to tell you: Don't lose hope and don't lose faith! 

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency still have a long way to go; we need to support each other through the tough times. If the current market leaves you not knowing what to do, we strongly suggest you simply HODL until the next opportunity arises. 

At ELLIPAL, we are a team of experts who are incredibly passionate about crypto. We fully understand how it feels during a market like this, and we would like to give our support to the crypto community in the way that we can. 

ELLIPAL is giving everyone $50 OFF on the ELLIPAL Titan today. We want to support our community during this challenging time and giving everyone a chance to HODL securely through this together. 

By holding your coins on the ELLIPAL Titan, you can rest assured knowing that your coins will be stored securely and air-gapped until the market settles down. Then, the ELLIPAL Titan has all the tools you need to help you invest and trade swiftly to take advantage of any opportunities! 

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