Importance of Private Key in Hardware Wallet

Backing up the private key on the ELLPAL wallet separately might not be a vital step because it always remains in the S.E. Chipset. Still keeping your seeds safe and backing them up separately in a safe section is one of the most important tasks while handling cryptocurrency because you would not want to lose the crypto assets at any cost.

ELLIPAL brings you the Hardware Wallet that can be paired with the mobile app to make sure the private keys regarding your cryptocurrencies are safe on your mobile. Currently, on version 1.9.4, ELLIPAL hardware wallet stores your private keys offline i.e. in cold storage for added security. While most of the conventional cryptocurrency wallets store private keys online, on mobile device, hardware, computer and even on a piece of paper, ELLIPAL makes sure your private keys are never hacked because the hardware is isolated from any wired or wireless connections.

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