ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet - Not the simplest cold wallet?

We would like to share with you a mistake that ELLIPAL made. Thanks to this customer, we were able to know what many of our customers really feel. This was the email we received:

Cold wallet hardware wallet comment

First of all, we really appreciate the time this person took to write this email. We will take his words seriously and improve.

What is mentioned here is that our tutorials are not good enough. They are difficult to read and understand for beginners. Even our videos are hard to follow. People who are new to cryptocurrency, hardware wallets and cold storage will have a hard time figuring out the ELLIPAL. As a company that takes pride in our product’s ease of use compared to others, we take his comments to the heart.

More importantly, users do not know what they need to do once they get their ELLIPALs! Most users do not know that an update is needed to unlock all the coins that we support and that they also need to purchase an SD card. This user was unhappy that he had to go out and buy an SD card before he can use his ELLIPAL! We realized this is due to our carelessness in communicating with our customers. We will take time and create a better a tutorial for all especially a clear rundown of what users should do once they get their ELLIPAL.

We are currently rewriting our tutorials and other parts of the website to make things better for everyone. New ELLIPAL users shoud look forward to this!

To anyone who is looking to buy an ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet, please do not forget to get your SD card! We sell them together with the ELLIPAL at our shop. Currently, we have a special promotion going on. If you use the code "freeshipping" at checkout, not only you will get free 3 days shipping for the ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet, you will also get a free Sandisk 16GB MicroSD card!


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I still, after a year with the Ellipal, CANNOT figure out how to transfer my crypto from the wallet using the phone app to an exchange. As the OP said, and you confirmed, you really need to make the instructions crystal clear and easy to follow. I have not had any notification that Ellipal has done this yet. But they still push their product regardless.

Bob Powell

Please add Monero and Zcash to the wallet. Thank you.


i agree with the guy below,
Please add Monero and other coins please.

luca del grosso

Please add monero and more coins support, great product otherwise.


When you are ready with updating instructions, will you send them to us by email? I have dropped installation because I couldn’t figure it out, thanks


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