ELLIPAL Holiday Gift Card Giveaway - Day 10!

HOHOHO! Merry Christmas!!!

We are now on day 9 of our gift card giveaway Christmas countdown!!! Just Follow and Retweet to easily join the party! The chance of winning $80 gift card could easily be yours!

Be sure to use it here before time runs out and get yourself more gift cards to share with your friends! (Gift cards are to be used in ELLIPAL shop under limited time only and not to be traded for cryptocurrencies)




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Previous Winners:

Day 1 ($20)


Day 2 ($20)

Day 3 ($30)


Day 4 ($30)


Day 5 ($40)


Day 6 ($40)

Day 7 ($50)

Day 10 ($80)

This could be you!



Harish Jangra

Great Giveaway

Harish Jangra
Abay Cs

Good giveway

Abay Cs

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