ELLIPAL Titan - Best Bitcoin Wallet of 2021 - ELLIPAL

ELLIPAL Titan - Best Bitcoin Wallet of 2021

ELLIPAL Titan with its air-gapped and metal-sealed body can be your best option for the Bitcoin hardware wallet. Network isolation, physical damage resistance and hacking proof –with these features in the cold wallet, your cryptocurrencies will be safe and transactions will be conveniently fast.

Bitcoins have been ruling the crypto market since the dawn of the cryptocurrency era and in the following years, many Altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple and Dash have been made it big in competition. For all these coins, safety is one of the biggest concerns because the cryptocurrency coins are vulnerable to hacking, network corruption and even external forces like tampering of the device. So, when you are looking for the best Bitcoin hardware wallet the first name that comes to your mind for its legendary air-gapped technology is the ELLIPAL Titan.

What The ELLLIPAL Titan Is All About?

For starters, the Titan is more of a cold storage wallet than just a conventional hardware wallet. It is safe, sturdy and free from any interference of hackers, malware, natural calamity, and network vulnerabilities. Apart from being the world’s first air-gapped wallet, here are the unmatched features of ELLIPAL Titan that can hardly be challenged –

Cannot Be Disassembled

Built of a single metal piece, the hardware is so sturdy that you cannot disassemble it. That being said, rest assured is that no thief can pry the wallet to access the circuits easily. ELLIPAL Titan will not succumb to the blows of screws, knife or even a fatal fall.

Cannot Be Tampered With

Anti-tampering properties make this wallet immune to attacks of evil maid or supply chain. Even if a hacker or thief gets hold of it, as the best Bitcoin wallet, Titan has the feature of automating the wiping of data which gets activated whenever someone attempts tampering. Your assets will be totally safe from such attacks as in case of a security breach, data is wiped and can be recovered again on another device by entering the mnemonics made of 12 words.

Cannot Be Accessed Via Network

USB or OTG, no wired connection can be made with any mobile, laptop or PC to access your crypto details and hence, the ELLIPAL Titan can never be cloned or corrupted with device virus. Besides, isolation of wireless networks like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC and Cellular data makes it safe from online hacking attempts.

Extensive And Updated Support For Coins And Tokens

From TRC10 to TRC20, ERC20 to EOS and BNB BEP2 –more than a thousand tokens are supported on ELLIPAL Titan. So, while being the best option to store Bitcoins, this wallet has support for 31 Blockchains and counting –XRP, LTC, DASH, ETC, ETH, BTG, XLM, ECA, DGB, OMG, ZIL, BOLT-4C6BTT, ANTE, SEED, 888 and CET to name a few.

Instant Data Transfer Over QR Code

From installing the ELLIPAL app on the mobile to importing your Crypto account, from storing your Bitcoins and Altcoins to transferring coins to a particular address –in all these steps, this offline Bitcoin wallet relies on no external network but on the QR codes generated on the verified mobile app and the wallet.

Mobile App Compatibility

The mobile app compatible wallet can be operated seamlessly with the help of a dark mode feature and large interactive display. You can manage accounts, keep track of exchanges and even get an update about the crypto market information in real-time. The transactions rely on 2-step verification through wallet and app.

Charging And Updating Offline

The device comes with an in-built security adapter with which you can charge the device. Insert the adapter at the bottom of the wallet and connect the charging cable to the adapter to update the firmware in offline mode and charge the device.

Lastly, recovery of account via mnemonics is possible even when you have lost the wallet or the thief has managed to damage the circuits of the device while trying to access details. Once you get a new device, enter the mnemonics and restore your account without losing any data or currency.

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