Getting Started

In this page: 

1. Download the ELLIPAL App

2. Creating account on cold wallet

3. Import account

4. Recover via Mnemonics

5. Connect cold wallet to App

6. Languages, Screen lock, Check firmware version




Getting to know the ELLIPAL hardware wallet

 ELLIPAL is a new generation cryptocurrency hardware wallet. It focuses on being the safest and most convenient hardware wallet in the world giving one-stop, secure, hardware wallet solution for mobile phone users. 

Utilizing QR code technology, ELLIPAL has developed a system that allows private keys and blockchain information to be transferred efficiently without any connection. This not only increases the convenience and portability, it upgrades hardware wallet’s safety to the next level. Without any connection, the ELLIPAL becomes completely isolated from every networks and devices making it impossible to hack or gets any information stolen.

ELLIPAL App provides all the functions that users need. Users can send transactions, receive coins, exchange coins, look up market quotes, read news and connect with other DApps.

1. Download ELLIPAL App

Turn on ELLIPAL -> Select Language -> Go to the Download ELLIPAL App page 

Use your phone to scan the Cold Wallet QR code to download the ELLIPAL App 



Or scan the QR code here to download it:


2. Create an account on Cold Wallet

a. After the App is downloaded, click "Next", Start your ELLIPAL journey.

Click on the first option "Create account",

Fill in the required Information then the account is created.

b. Click "Backup mnemonic words" after the account is created successfully.

Please read the notes carefully before starting the back up.

The mnemonic consists of 12 words and is used to restore your account. Please copy it accurately on paper and keep it in a safe place and do not let anyone know.

Note: If the mnemonic is lost, the assets in the account will be permanently lost, there will be no way to get it back!


c. Verify the mnemonic.

Enter the 12 words in order after you have wrote it down. If you have made a mistake, you can clear it and re-enter by selecting on the wrong word, or by selecting the "Empty" button and in-put again.

Note: If you find that you have not backed up the mnemonic, you can select the Back button in the upper left corner to return to the Create Account page, resubmit and back up the new mnemonic.

After you have verify the mnemonics, you can go ahead and select which currencies you want to store in this account. ELLIPAL will go ahead and create new addresses for you. This will be your new cold wallet account. 


3. Import Account

Cold wallet without an account:

Boot - Select Language - Import Account


Cold wallet with an existing account:

Click on the username above, go to the following page and click on “Add account”

You can also enter this page and choose “import an account”.


There are three ways to import an account:

  1. Private key
  2. Keystore
  3. Secret key

1. Import by Private key

Fill in the required Information then the account is imported.


2. Import by Keystore

Fill in the required Information then the account is imported.



3. Import by Secret key

XRP and XLM can only be imported accounts through Secret key.

Fill in the required Information then the account is imported.




4. Recovering via Mnemonics

Fill in the required Information to finish recovering account 



 5. Connect cold wallet to App

Select your account , enter the account details page, click the button in the upper right corner to enter the "Connect to App" page.


Open the ELLIPAL APP, click “Assets”> “”> “”or “Add account”, then use the APP to scan the QR code on cold wallet.After the scan is successful, the ELLIPAL account information will be synchronized to the ELLIPAL APP.

 6. Languages, Screen lock, Check firmware version

Click the icon on the top left to enter the setup options.


Select language: Go to the first option "Languages" and select the language you want.

Screenlock settings: Go to the second option "Screenlock settings" and set your lock screen password and time.


Check Version: Go to the fourth option "About" and you can see the device version information you are using.