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ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Generator & Backup Pack

A complete open-source generation and strong backup solution to help beginners ensure their seed phrases are safe from the source to long-term storage.

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Technical Specs

Joy Seed Phrase Generator

Size: 37 × 37 × 37 mm
Weight: 36.2 g
Charging Port: USB-C

ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel

Size: 70 x 57x 6 mm
Material: 316 Steel
Weight: 130 g

Box Contents:
1* Joy
1* Seed Phrase Steel
2* User Manual
2* Seed Phrase Recovery Sheets

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Open source encryption security solution for beginners

Unparalleled Crypto Security

Designed for cryptocurrency beginners, it is easy and fast to create unique mnemonic phrases offline and back them up securely to a powerful memory board, ensuring the whole process is safe and secure.


Protecting Your Crypto from the Source

ELLIPAL Joy is an easy-to-use open source private key generator equipped with a true random number generator embedded in the ST chipset that generates 32-bit random numbers and supports all BIP39 hot wallets and hardware wallets to ensure absolute security.

Pocket-Sized & Take It Everywhere

ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal is a pocket-sized stainless steel device designed to securely store ELLIPAL Joy-generated mnemonics without the need for specialized tools or third-party involvement.

High Compatibility & The safest Solution

Protect your cryptocurrency with ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal and Joy and keep beginners safe from the threat of loss, theft and damaged devices.