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Open EOS Account - ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet


ELLIPAL service - We will assist you in opening an EOS account

According to rules set up by EOS, users must pay at least 0.8 EOS to activate a wallet account. ELLIPAL has to also follow this rule so users must pay the fee. However, many people never own an EOS wallet hence being unable to pay for this fee.

ELLIPAL is willing to help you activate the account, just provide us the fee here.

Simply check out with this service ($10) and email us your:

1) Order number of the $10 purchase

2) Activation QR code after you have set up your EOS account (screen capture)

You can find this QR code by selecting "Expand QR code" after you have set up your EOS account.

More detail steps can be followed HERE at step 4

Please Email it to

multiple verification steps

Improves your security by setting up to 3 verification steps.

Longer PIN and password

Set longer PIN and password than other hardware wallets.

Standard mnemonics

Easily import accounts from other wallets or back up ELLIPAL on other wallets.

Easily Access Receiving address

Easily access your addresses on the ELLIPAL or on the App in a press of a button.

Multiple currencies under one account

Easily manage your portfolio under just one account.