ELLIPAL Shines at Consensus 2024: A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

ELLIPAL Shines at Consensus 2024: A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration


On May 29, the ELLIPAL team traveled to Austin, the capital of Texas, United States for an invitation from the world-renowned conference Consensus 2024. The event lasted until May 31, giving individuals and companies working in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 industries a chance to meet and discuss their common interests for three days. Consensus 2024 was a place full of opportunities and surprises for us as we were determined to thrive in the field with our outstanding cold wallets.

Consensus 2024 Conference Hall


What is Consensus 2024?

Consensus is the premier and longest-running global event that unites all facets of the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 community. With impactful discussions led by visionary speakers and practical workshops addressing industry challenges, developers, investors, founders, brands, policymakers, and more will gain the tools and insights necessary to advance a more decentralized future.

The event was aptly named “Consensus” as it serves as the main platform for the industry to convene, discuss pivotal issues, celebrate significant achievements, and engage in critical debates. This year, Consensus 2024 offers a platform to be part of the most crucial conversations in crypto and Web3.

Before Consensus 2024, its poster was spotted on the huge billboard of Times Square, marking its influence on the newly involving world of Web3. The open support from Nasdaq particularly showed how Consensus 2024 has emerged to become the most important conversation in crypto, blockchain, and Web3.

Consensus 2024 Poster on Nasdaq’s billboard at Times Square


ELLIPAL’s Journey

Among the many cryptocurrency and blockchain giants, ELLIPAL stood out with a unique solution to securing digital assets offline. Since 2022, our products have been acknowledged by Forbes as the leading provider of 'Air-gapped' cryptocurrency hardware wallets, known for their exceptional security. With a global presence in 140 countries, we offer comprehensive solutions, ensuring safety, ease of use, and convenience for all users.


Interacting with Customers

As a sponsor of Consensus 2024, ELLIPAL welcomed guests to our booth and provided surprise gifts for every visitor!

Since the first day, we have seen many existing customers, who were very excited to meet the company’s team behind their favorite cold wallets in person. They highly rated ELLIPAL’s products, including Titan 2.0, Titan Mini, Seed Phrase Steel, and Seed Phrase Generator.

ELLIPAL founder David with an early customer of ELLIPAL, who joined in 2018

However, the customers also expressed concerns about some problems with our products. Our team’s representatives took customers’ feedback seriously and recognized the room for improvement in user experience. We also started brainstorming solutions to the existing bugs in the use of the products.

Interaction with loyal customers made us aware of our influence and responsibility. The expectation from customers would become a catalyst for the company to strive for better and achieve higher.


Attracting New Faces

We also had a wonderful time with a lot of new faces, whom ELLIPAL was excited to see! The team introduced these guests to our proudest products, attracting many to join our crypto community. Not only did we provide a summary of product features, advantages, and operations but also encouraged the visitors to have a hands-on experience with the cold wallets.

ELLIPAL founder David answering customer's question

Everyone on our team was dedicated to answering any general or technical questions the customers had and offering guidance for any confusion encountered during usage. We believe great customer service is a necessary component in leading the Air-gapped Cold Wallet industry.

It has always been a pleasure to see new users appreciating our products. ELLIPAL is determined to keep moving forward in the crypto world with the motivation of customers’ approval.

People clustering at ELLIPAL's booth


Meeting Business Partners

We also got a chance to meet various project managers and discuss collaborations. Both sides enjoyed the conversation, which enabled us to unlock more future potential in the crypto sector.


Our team had a lively conversation with Solana representatives. We touched on further collaboration on the following technologies:

  • DePIN: DePIN refers to networks that leverage blockchain technology to decentralize the management and operation of physical infrastructure.
  • AI: AI involves the development of algorithms and systems that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence.
  • SOL ecosystem: A cryptocurrency ecosystem encompasses all the elements involved in the creation, distribution, trading, and use of digital currencies. For SOL, Solana’s native coin, it sought to have ELLIPAL support the crypto ecosystem on all cold wallet line-ups.


As an established associate, Verus is collaborating with ELLIPAL on the Seed Phrase Steel product. Since it has been a successful partnership, we were pleased to discuss future plans with the Verus team. In the below picture, you can see the high-quality ELLIPAL’s and Verus’ Seed Phrase Steel plates.

ELLIPAL and Verus Seed Phrase Steel

Other Collaborators

Other parties of interest included VeChain (VET), Polkadot (DOT), and MultiversX (EGLD). Our company is carefully considering supporting their respective cryptocurrency ecosystems in the future, which would open the transferring, buying, swapping, and staking of these coins, offering more choices to the users.

ELLIPAL meets collaborators with Titan 2.0


Event Specials

In-person Stage

Consensus 2024 offered valuable sessions and conversations led by the most sought-after figures in the industry. We were able to engage in some of them that were closely related to crypto wallets (listed below with summaries), which we found to be very fascinating and eye-opening.

Conversation Event at Consensus 2024

Some interesting talks included:

  • Fireblocks Workshop: End to End Tokenization: The full tokenization lifecycle, from writing and deploying the smart contract to managing the treasury and distributing the token.
  • Building Bridges Between Virtual Worlds and Consumer Products: Introduced mass storage, multi-purpose wallets, and interoperability bridges as scalable infrastructure in virtual spaces.
  • DeFi Grows Up and Gets Real: Explain how decentralized finance evolved from a speculative investment into a solution for tangible problems in financial services.

Virtual Session

Consensus 2024 offered a great opportunity to enjoy the event online, including a virtual pass that could access all the conversations from home. Additionally, the CoinDesk official Twitter account released an excellent broadcast "Markets Daily" with host Jenn Sannasie for anyone interested.


Insights from Consensus 2024

Attending Consensus 2024 was a transformative experience for our team. It reinforced ELLIPAL’s mission to lead the air-gapped cold wallet industry with secure, user-friendly solutions. The motivation and insights gained from our customers, industry partners, and event speakers will drive us forward as we continue to enhance our products and services, ensuring the highest level of security and convenience for our global user base.

Coins For College founder Joshua Samuel with ELLIPAL team

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