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ELLIPAL- The Best Security from Air Gapped Hardware Wallet

With the rapid and ever-growing evolution of the crypto market along with the introduction on new coins and tokens, users are looking for a more advanced and more secure hardware wallet. To make each transaction fast and successful while keeping your cryptocurrencies safe from any hacker or malware, ELLIPAL has launched its best hardware wallet that is the first of its kind in terms of bringing air-gapped metal sealed feature in the market. Since the emergence of cryptocurrency, people have faced unethical hacking, network corruption, malware attack, and many such issues that have resulted in the loss of currency. With the ELLIPAL cold wallet, you can be assured of no such physical and network attack as the wallet is almost indestructible!

Know About the ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet

Being the pioneer in bringing the air-gapped wallet to the market, ELLIPAL is compatible with mobile devices and with its brilliant user interface, this pocket-sized wallet can be your compact personal bank. What makes ELLIPAL best in class is its sturdy body and isolation from a wired or wireless network.

Easy Interface

For any device, the first thing you would want is an interface that is easy to learn and use. With a large display screen and intuitive interface, setting up a new account or connecting to your existing account is easy as ever. At the same time, you can verify your account with the mobile app of ELLIPAL so that your transactions are easy and can be made regardless of the time and place you are in.

Getting Started

There is multiple language compatibility in ELLIPAL and this offline Bitcoin wallet comes with step-by-step guidance on creating and recovering the account and connecting to ELLIPAL mobile app by scanning a QR code. No matter whether you lose the wallet, your private keys in the form of 12-word Mnemonics are safe on the account and can be restored. The transaction is also secure as you have 2-factor confirmation for transaction and visual address validation so that you do not end up sending your currencies to somewhere else.

Safety From Physical And Remote Attack

The all-new ELLIPAL Titan secures your coins from evil-maid and supply chain attacks, thanks to its disassembly body made of a single piece of metal and its anti-tampering properties that can detect any attempt to the security breach and automatically deletes your data. The air-gapped wallet cannot be opened unless you somehow manage to destroy the circuits. As for remote attacks, this air gapped hardware wallet does not depend on any wired connection like USB or wired connection like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data to make transactions. The device is only compatible with your mobile app and you don’t need to log in to any online portal but scan the QR codes from both the wallet and the mobile.

Transaction Security

Undoubtedly, the most reliable thing that you will find in ELLIPAL Titan is its QR code scanning feature that needs no external device or network support but only the mobile (on which the ELLIPAL App is installed) and the wallet. After signing in to the account, you can create any transaction on your mobile ELLIPAL app for a particular address. The ELLIPAL cold wallet scans the QR code from the app and verifies the transaction, after which a new QR code is generated on the wallet. You now have to scan this new code with your mobile app and on successful scanning, the verification will be completely followed by a successful transaction.

Coin And Token Compatibility

ELLIPAL is not only the best Bitcoin hardware wallet but also a premium Altcoin cold storage that has support for 31 Blockchains along with TRC 10, TRC 20, EOS, ERC 20 and BEP 2 tokens. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, Dogecoin to Litecoin, and Dash to Ripple –there are all the latest and old currencies included and new ones are also getting added regularly. Adopting the new coins and staying afloat in the ever changing cryptocurrency world –This motto of ELLIPAL wallet is aiding the users in achieving secured transactions and storing their coins safely.
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